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Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Le Déjeuner des Canotiers (The Boating Party), 1881
Oil on canvas, 29.5cm x 172.5cm (51" x 69"), Phillips Gallery, Washington D.C.

Left to right: The future Mme. Renoir (Aline Charigot) with dog; standing, perhaps Baron Barbier; leaning on the railing, Alphonsine Fournaise; drinking, Mlle. Henriot; sitting at the table, Ellen André and Caillebotte; leaning over Ellen André, Lestringuez; upper right hand corner, Jeanne Samary listening to perhaps Rivière and Renoir (profile). See Individual Portraits painted by Renoir.
— from Jean Renoir's Renoir, My Father (1962)

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