Hike: Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve
& Shoreline Park, Mountain View, CA

First Hike of Foothill College Day Hike Class
Instructor: Thomas McCarthy (PHED23B)
Friday, October 4, 2013, 1:00 pm-3:20 pm

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: Registered for Thomas McCarthy's Day Hike Class (PHED 23B) at Foothill College that meets on Fridays (1 pm-4 pm). The first hike is at Palo Alto Baylands/Shoreline Park. Classmate Ivan gave me a ride to the hike in his red Nissan 300ZX sportscar. Came here on November 23, 2007 on a Midpenisular Open Space Preserve Hike with Docents Kay Partelow and Debbi Brusco for "Bird Watching". Today's 23 students in Foothill's Hiking Class were much faster than me, zooming way ahead on the trail. Taking photos of the numerous birds (mallard ducks, snowy egrets, great blue herons, and pelicans) slowed me down further on the hike. When I finally caught up with Thomas and Robin after the bridge near the north end (2:20 pm), Tom told me to walk back with them. I said Ivan was going to drive me back but didn't see him returning on the trail as a dozen other students. Tom said some may have circled back on a longer trail. When we got back around 3:20 pm, Ivan was chatting with Lee Hoang (webmaster of Day Hike Class) and another student. He had completed the hike 20 minutes earlier. Ivan drove me back to Foothill college Krause Center. Below are 68 photos from today's Shoreline Park hike. Seeing two snowy egrets on opposite ends of the pond inspired a poem "Deja Vu at Shoreline Park".

Bee on Daisy at my Front Door (12:30 pm)

"Trail Visitor Info" Signpost at Baylands

Bird Posts at Baylands Trail Entrance

Foothill Hike Class on Trail

Mallard Ducks in First Pond

Pelican Soaring in Blue Sky

Ducks in Second Pond

Ducks on Island

Soaring Heron in Sky

Baylands Nature Preserve Sign

"Diversity" Information Board

Rows of Mallard Ducks

Gathering of More Mallard Ducks

More Ducks on Land than Water

Pelican Flying near Trail

Pelican Flying by Palo Alto Baylands

Two Pelicans amidst Mallard Ducks

Great Blue Heron at the Baylands

Great Blue Heron

Two Pelicans Flying Towards Sun

Salvia mellifera on the Trail

Snowy Egret at Baylands

Mallard Ducks at Bend of Bay

Ducks Rested under Shady Bush

Two Pelicans Flying Overhead

Shoreline Amphitheatre across the Bay

"Interrelationships" Info Board

Hundred of Pelicans on Island

Pelican Island in the Baylands

One Pelican & Island of Ducks

Snowy Egret on Island Edge

Herons, Pelicans, Ducks on Islands

Black Sage (Salvia mellifera) by the Bay

Salvia & Ducks in the Bay

Snowy Egret Flying over the Bay

Powerlines at Palo Alto Baylands

Leaveless Craggy Tree on Trail

Three Egrets near Hiking Trail (1)

Three Egrets & Baylands Powerlines

Snowy Egret Takes Flight

Snowy Egret by Hiking Trail

Plane Flying by Baylands

Birds on Posts by Bridge

Great Blue Herons on Post & Pool Edge

Great Blue Heron Dives into Pool

Great Blue Heron on Post by Bridge

Fence Bridge at Trail's North End

Blue Heron on Post & Snowy Egret in Pool

Coyote Bush (Baccharis pilularis)

Snowy Egret near Hiking Trail

Egret & Reflection in Pond

Standing Egret & Reflection in Pond (1)

Two Egrets on Opposite Ends of Pool

Boat, Egret, & Baylands Powerlines

Madia elegans Bush by the Bay

Madia elegans by the Bay

Waves Lapping on Rock Piles by the Bay

Shimmering Light in the Waters

Moffett Field & Shoreline Amphitheatre

Pelicans & Mallard Ducks

Ducks & Pelicans at Baylands

Shoreline Park Info & Maps

Oleander Flowers (Nerium)

"Shoreline Interpretive Trail" Board

Rapid Currents under Bridge

Snowy Egret in Baylands Pond

Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana)

Bird Posts at Trail Entrance

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, October 4, 2013

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