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Time: Calendars

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What Time Is It?
(Find the time in in any city in the world. Select a country & enter a city name in the City field)
Local Times Around the World
(Latitude & Longitude of Cities with Local Time)
Time Service Department (U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington DC)—
(What time is it?, USNO Master Clock, Time Zone Conversion, Atomic Clock Research, Cool Links)
U.S. Naval Observatory Data Services
(Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Phases, Eclipses, Earth Seasons 1992-2005, Easter Dates)
Phases of the Moon (U.S. Naval Observatory)—
(Day, Hour, Minute of New & Full Moon, First & Last Quarter for 1990-2005 or any year from 1700-2015)
Dates of equinoxes and solstices, 1997 - 2030 AD
(Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice)
Dates of midsummmer and midwinter full moons, 1997 to 2030 AD
(Robert Pollock's Stone of Wonder web site)
Britannica's Lives (Site no longer on web)—
(Enter your birthday & find who's born on your day)
Anyday Today in History
(Enter your birthday & find who's born & what happened on your day)
Daily Almanac (
(Current Calendar, Birthdays, Death Days, Events on This Day, Holidays)
Timelines: Old News
(News highlights from January to December)
On This Day (from The New York Times)—
(History highlights & birthdays with archive of the previous three months)
This Day in History (History Channel)—
(Arranged chronologically from the Archives of The History Channel)
This Day in History (Information Please)—
(Brief highlights of events from Information Please Almanac)
Today in History
(Historical highlights with archive photos from the Library of Congress)
Author's Calendar
(Choose writer by birthday or name)
Literary Calendar
(An Almanac of Literary Information)
Liturgical Calendar of the Ecclesia Gnostica
(Liturgical calendar from New Year's Day, Jan. 1, to St. Sylvester's Day, Dec. 31)
Masonic Calendar (American Mason)—
(Chronicle of Masonic Events: January, September, December)
Timelines: Old News
(Topic Archives by Algis Ratnikas; Big Bang to 2001 arranged by years)
Month By Month: What happened all those years ago
(Day By Day Events— By Andi Bradley Computer Designs)
A Timeline of OurStory
(The 20th Century: 1900-1909, Dates from 1910-2000; 21st Century)
Year By Year: Trivia, world events, historical landmarks, births & deaths
(2700 BC to 2000 AD Events— By Andi Bradley Computer Designs)
This Week in the History of Chemistry
(Birthdays of chemists January to December with web links)
Timelines: Information Please
(4.5 billion BC to 2000 AD with illustrations)
Great Voyages Timeline (Prof. Uzgalis, Oregon State University)—
(Arranged by millennia from 1000 to 1984)
Timelines: Technology
(PBS: 1752 Lightning Rod to 1990 Hubble Space Telescope)
WhoWhatWhen: Interactive Historical Timelines
(People and events from 1000 A.D. to the present)
Timeline USA (by Alexander D. Gregg)—
(Chronology of Events from 217 to 1989)
Timeline United Kingdom (by Alexander D. Gregg)—
(Chronology of Events from 803 to 1997)
Timeline Canada (by Alexander D. Gregg)—
(Chronology of Events from 1534 to 1995)
Today Date and Time
(Links to calendars from many cultures)
Calendrical Calculations (By Nachum Dershowitz & Edward M. Reingold)—
(Book, Sample Chapters, Interview, Calendar Images, Calendar Links)
Calendrical Bookmarks (By Nachum Dershowitz & Edward M. Reingold)—
(General, Roman/Julian/Coptic, Persian, Ecclesiastical/Orthodox, Islamic, Chinese, Hindu,
Hebrew, Indonesia, Mayan/Aztec, Astronomical, Holiday/Events, Time, Conversion Progams)
Perpetual Calendars
(Find out what day of the week for any date of the year)
Gregorian Calendar for any Month of the Year
(Type the month followed by a space then the year in Search Box)
Aztec Calendar (by Fanya S. Montalvo)—
(Annotated symbols for the Aztec Calendar, its central disk and four rings)
Chinese Calendar (By Helmer Aslaksen, Math Dept., National University of Singapore)—
(Chinese New Year Date, Sexagesimal Cycle, Calendar Conversion, Heavenly Mathematics)
Chinese Zodiac
(Find out what animal sign you were born and your personality traits)
Lunar to Solar Calendar Conversion (China News Digest)—
(Convert a date between solar and lunar calendars from 1900-2050)
Lunar to Solar Calendar Conversion (Stanford University)—
(Convert a date between solar and lunar calendars from 1900-2050)
Western to Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion (Erik Peterson)—
(Convert a date from solar to lunar calendars from 1911-2050; Links)
Lunar Calendar with Moon Phases
(Type in Year, Month, Day to get Moon Phases for Local Time)
Calculate Number of Days You've Lived
(Type in Year: 1901=1, 1950=50, Month, Day to get # of Days Old)
Free Horoscope Chart
(Enter name, gender, birthdate & birthplace for free horoscope chart & analysis)

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