Upper Stevens Creek Hike
Saratoga-Cupertino, California

Photographs of Hike
Monday, July 5, 2010

By Peter Y. Chou

Upper Stevens Creek Sign & Entrance

Long Ridge Hills from Skyline Blvd

Tree Branches Like Medusa's Hair

Douglas Fir Trees to Sky

Grandpa Madrone Tree

Grandpa Madrone "Icebox Tree"

White Oak with "O" in Trunk

Snake-like Roots of Douglas Fir


Stevens Creek

Douglas Fir to the Sky

Zig-Zag Branch of Douglas Fir

View of Stevens Creek

Coltsfoot and Brook

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Four Gurgling Brooks

Cupcake Rock in Stevens Creek

Mossy Rock in Stevens Creek

Douglas Fir Trees Soaring to Sky

Fallen Tree in Stevens Creek

Rocks in Creek to Canyon Trail

Coltsfoot by Stevens Creek

End View of Stevens Creek

Tree Rings of Douglas Fir Log

100-Foot Douglas Fir Log

Owl-like Tree Stump on Trail

Grizzly Flat Sign to Canyon Trail

Grizzly Flat Trail Bend

Arcade Tree on Grizzly Flat Trail

View of Ravine from Trail

Rocks in Creek to Canyon Trail

Tree Reflections in Creek

Grizzly Flat Trail

Arcade Tree on Trail

Straight Douglas Fir & Crooked Oak

U-Trunk of Big-Leaf Maple Tree

White Oak Tree at Entrance

White Oak & Trident Branches

Arcade Tree on Trail

Upper Stevens Creek Map: Grizzly Flat Trails

— Peter Y. Chou, Mountain View, July 5, 2010

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