LINC-90C: Module 1

Instructor: Kim Randall

March 9, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Module 1 Assignment—
1. Create a folder in Google Drive and Title it "Your Last Name Winter21 Linc 90C"
(so for example, mine would be "Randall Winter21 Linc 90C". Share the folder with so I can view (or edit) the files in the folder.
2. In your folder create a new Google Slides Presentation (Links to an external site).
Title your Slides "Your Last Name Winter21 Linc 90C".
3. On the Google Slides presentation:
a) Create one slide that is a title with your name
b) Create a second slide that tells me more about you
(such as what you do for work, fun, hobbies, etc)
c) Create a third slide sharing something you've learned during the pandemic.
Practice adding at least one image, adding text (try different fonts),
and changing the background (i.e. designing your slides).
d) Share the slides with me (
so I can leave a comment.
4. Last part, create a new Google Site ( (Links to an external site).
We will use this site as a hub for all the collaborative projects/tools we'll explore
throughout this class. Title the site "Your Last Name Winter21 Linc 90C").
Add a title on the homepage (it can just be the class name, Winter21 Linc 90C).
Explore the themes and pick one you like.
a) Make sure you place the Site and the Slides in your Google Drive folder
for this class (see step 2 in this assignment).
b) Invite me as an editor on your site. Use
to invite me to your site

Did this Assignment "Module 1" on March 3,
Making 3 slides & made a new Google Site,
Submitted to Kim Randall, but didn't get through.
Safari browser didn't show MyPortal/Canvas, so missed
"Orientation"assignment & was dropped from the class.
Kim Randall contacted Registrar & got be back in class (3/8).
Slides submitted to Google Drive, duplicated here in HTML—

1) Slide 1: Name & Class

Chou Winter21 Linc 90C

Peter Y Chou

2) Slide 2: Work and Hobbies

My Favorite Things
I've done research in Prediction Protein Structures from
amino acid sequences (1970-1980). Turned my love to
poetry. The two disciplines are connected. Proteins are
the language of life. Poetry is the language of the human
heart. My web site shares this vision,
bringing cosmic awareness to everyday life.

Teaching poetry to kids

Sharing wisdom (Tour);

When pandemic ends, love to—
Go ballroom dancing at Cubberley Pavilion,
See classic films at Stanford Theatre,
Breakfast and movies with friends.

3) Slide 3: Learned during the pandemic—

Alone But Not Lonely

A friend asks if I'm lonely
sheltered-at-home, nowhere to go—
computer labs and libraries closed
in this coronavirus pandemic.

Seeing sages serene and still
even amidst lots of action,
I try to be likewise— alone
but not lonely in these times.

No television, computer,
cell-phone, credit card, or a car,
yet I'm happy without these toys
to keep me busy and content.

KDFC's classical music
lifts up my spirit, Renoir's paintings—
a visual delight, poems by Rilke
and Rumi— always nourishing.

My mind takes flight while reading
Ramana's Talks, PB's Notebooks,
Ficino's Letters on the Soul and
Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth.

Emails from world's foremost futurist,
greetings from Dalai Lama's best friend,
new paintings from best graphic artist,
essays from a happiness mentor,

surprise emails from long-lost friends
that we are all linked together
like Net of Indra in our flight
from alone to the Alone.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 4-27-2020

4) Create a new Google Site—

Here's the page created in Google Site
Font is Times New Roman, size 24, bold.
Image Gallery has 21 Photos & 28 Patterns
Selected an Ocean View with Sun in horizon.

In the Footer, typed a poem
(Times New Roman, size 18)—
It's winter, windy and cold.
The ocean's horizon shows luminous light.
Spring is coming and the future is bright.

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