Picchetti Ranch & Open Space Preserve
Cupertino, Santa Clara County, California

Hike: Zinfandel Trail to Stevens Creek
Picnic Area & back to Picchetti Winery

Friday, October 25, 2013

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: This is the fourth hike in Thomas McCarthy's Day Hike Class (PHED 23B) at Foothill College. A friend gave me a ride to today's hike at Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve (Map), 13100 Montebello Road, Cupertino. However, we got lost, winding up at some hilltop mansion on Montebello Road, and later at the bottom of Permanente Quarry. Arrived at Picchetti Ranch at 1:10 pm. Luckily, Tom our instructor was handing out maps to the class on our hike along the 1.9 mile Zinfandel Trail. Hiked here September 17, 2011 with my friends Al Guzman & Rudy. Since I'm taking photos of scenic sights, trees, and wildflowers along the way, fell far behind the younger class members who zoomed way ahead. After taking photo of "Cathedral Flock of Trees" (1:47 pm), Tom came back on the Zinfandel Trail to see if I'm OK. Assured him that I was all right. Glad to see that the "Heart Stump" is still here (1:54 pm). Another stump that attracted my attention was "X Marks the Spot" that led me to fantasize about buried treasures (1:39 pm). Got to the Stevens Creek picnic area at 2:35 pm, so the 1.9 mile Zinfandel Trail downhill hike took me an hour 15 minutes to complete. Same time hiking uphill, returning to Picchetti Winery as I took less photos. There was no peacock sighting like last time, but some roosters were running around, and took photo of Rooster in Sunlight. Made a wrong turn left leaving Picchetti Ranch (4:08 pm) and wound up at Ridge Winery 17100 Montebello Road (4:14 pm). Finally found our way to Stevens Canyon Road and Foothill Expressway and took photos of "Serpent Cloud in Sky". Below are 107 photos from today's hike.

Live Oak on Montebello Road Hilltop

Mansion on Montebello Road Hilltop

Deer Eating Alfafa at Quarry Hilltop

Entering Picchetti Ranch

Picchetti Ranch Information Board

Picchetti Winery Welcome Sign

Rooster & Wine Barrel near Entrance

First Wooden Bridge on the Trail

Vista View on Zinfandel Trail

Rooster & Wine Barrel

Zinfandel Trailhead

Top of White Oak

Branches of White Oak

Vista View of Hills & Quarry

"Bird & Horse" Clouds in Sky

Zinfandel Trail Signpost

Bear Meadow Trail Signpost

White Oak by Dry Pond

Eucalyptus Tree Across Dry Pond

Vista Trail Signpost

Orchard Loop Trail Signpost

"No Bikes & No Horses" Gate

Second Wooden Bridge on Trail

"Old Hag" Tree

V-Shape Bay Tree

Right Angle Bay Tree

"X Marks the Spot" Stump

Arching Bay Trees on Trail

"Heart Limb" in Bay Tree

Y-Shape Bay Tree

Dry Creek on Trail

Arched Bay Tree on Trail

First View of Stevens Creek

Twisted Bay Trees on Trail

Vista View on Zinfandel Trail

Cirrus Clouds & Valley View

"Cathedral" Flock of Trees

Red Berries of Manzanita Bushes

Third Bridge on Zinfandel Trail

Arched Bay Trees & Fence Wall

"Heart" Stump Still Here

Fallen Trunk & Zinfandel Trail Signpost

Two Holes in Bay Tree

Fruits on Buckeye Tree (Aesculus glabra)

Vista of Stevens Creek Dam

Right Angle on Zinfandel Trail

Serpentine California Live Oak

Milkweed (Asclepias)

Tilting Live Oaks

YV-Shape Live Oak

Top Branches of Live Oak

Fence on Zinfandel Trail

"Cotton Ball" Wildflowers

Rattlesnakes Signpost

Zinfandel Trail Signpost

Zinfandel Trail Signpost

"Monster" Trunk at Trail Bend

"Monster Head" Trunk Closeup

Creek Trail Signpost

V-Shape Tree by Stevens Creek

Y-Tree through V-Tree

Black Oak in Picnic Area

V-Shape Tree by Stevens Creek

Cloud Trails through Tree Branches

Rocks in Stevens Creek

V-Shape Sycamore Tree

Foliage around Stevens Creek

Top of Sycamore Tree

Creek Trail Signpost

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Bend around Stevens Creek

Picnic Area Grounds

Dead Sculpturesque Trees

"Serpent" on Trunk Rod

Arched Bay Tree on Arch Trail

"Platonic Lambda" Entrance

Fallen Live Oak near Stevens Creek

V-Shape Sycamore by Creek

Creek Trail & Rattlesnake Signposts

Mandorla in Bay Tree

Tree Trunks in Dry Creek

Rooster in Sunlight

Eucalyptus at Parking Lot

Sycamore Leaves on Trail

Deep Hole in Bay Tree

Bay Leaves on Trail

Arched Bay Tree on Trail

Zinfandel Trail & Mountain Lion Signposts

Going Uphill on Zinfandel Trail

Round Hill from Zinfandel Trail

Third Bridge at Trail Bend

Big Rock under Third Bridge

Tilting Bay Trees on Trail

Vista View of Hills and Quarry

Vista View of Permanente Quarry

Bird Flew onto Tree

Rooster on Picchetti Winery Grounds

Wine Barrels at Picchetti Winery

Winery Jeep under Live Oak

"Ranch Life" Information Board

Rooster Taking Rest at Winery

Picchetti Ranch Entrance Signpost

Leaving Picchetti Winery after Hike

Ridge Vineyards (17100 Montebello Rd)

"Serpent Cloud" on Foothill Expressway

"Serpent Cloud" Closeup (Another View)

"Serpent Cloud" on Foothill Expressway

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, October 25, 2013

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