Saratoga Gap 2010 Hike
Saratoga Gap Trail, Charcoal Road,
Table Mountain Trail, Upper Stevens Creek
Saratoga-Cupertino, California

Photographs of Hike
Sunday, August 15, 2010

By Peter Y. Chou

Saratoga Gap Trail Sign

Upper Stevens Creek Map Board

Charcoal Road

Douglas Fir Branches

Madrone Tree to the Sky

Douglas Fir to the Sky

White Oak to the Sky

White Oak

White Oak

Saratoga Gap Trail

Hawk Overhead, Charcoal Trail

Charcoal Road

Golden Yarrow

Farewell to Spring (Clarkia amoena)

Hawk Overhead on Charcoal Trail

Hawk Soaring Over Charcoal Trail

East Bay Hills View Through Oak

Madrone on Charcoal Road

Dead Douglas Fir & Blue Sky

East Bay Hills from Charcoal Road

Yellow Berries & Manzanita

Montebello Hills & East Bay Hills

Charcoal Road View of East Bay Hills

Grasshopper on Charcoal Road

Closeup of Grasshopper

Charcoal Road & East Bay View

Cat Face Image on Oak Log

Sweet Pea & Shadow

California Broom (Lotus scoparius)

Mount Hamilton & South Bay Mountains

South Bay Mountains

Rabbit Hole (?) in White Oak)

Mount Hamilton & South Bay Mountains

Rabbit Hole (?) in White Oak)

Hawk Flying on Charcoal Trail

Douglas Fir on Charcoal Trail

White Oak with Rabbit Hole (?)

California Live Oak

Checkerspot Butterfly

Charcoal Road Sign

Table Mountain Trail Sign

Tree Trunk Rings

Table Mountain Trail & Charcoal Road Sign

Table Mountain Trail Sign

Pearly Everlasting

Giant California Live Oak

Grainy Broken Oak Logs

Montebello Hills from Table Mountain Trail

Half Moon above Douglas Firs

Giant California Live Oak

Shelf Mushroom on Dying Douglas Fir

Table Mountain Trail

Trail Bend by Creek

Table Mountain Trail Creek

Two Trails to Creek

Table Mountain Trail by Creek

Table Mountain Trail & Creek

Log in Table Mountain Trail Creek

Twin Douglas Firs

Sunlight on Douglas Firs

Tall Trees Forest

Sunlight in Tree Forest

Double Lambda Redwood

Helical Trunk of Fallen Tree

Lichens in Live Oak

Elk's Clover in Table Mountain Creek

Fern in Platonic Lambda Shape

Horizontal Trees on Table Mountain Trail

Crooked Madrone Tree

Double Lambda Redwood Tree

Outstretched Madrone Tree

Manzanita Bush

Manzanita Grove

Four Acorns on California Tan Oak

Manzanita Bush

Flowering Manzanita

Madieae & Tarweed

— Peter Y. Chou, Mountain View, August 23, 2010

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