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Richard Feynman

“The full teaching is inconceivable—
  when you look into a single atom it appears all at once.
  The complete school is unfathomable—
  by observing a fine hair it is all equally revealed.”

Fa-tsang (643-712)
    Cultivation of Contemplation of the Inner Meaning of the Hua-yen:
    The Ending of Delusion and Return to the Source

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Articles of special interest are denoted by asteriks (*).

Science from News Media Around the World
Jupiter: One Planet, Two Moons, Three Shadows
By Roger W. Sinnott, Sky & Telescope, Mar. 27, 2004)
Detailed Viewer's Guide: Five Planets Visible Now
(By Joe Rao,, Mar. 26, 2004)
* Evicting Einstein: Theory of Everything
(Science@NASA, Mar. 26, 2004)
Rare stargazing spectacle offered by 5 planets
[Array won't happen again for three decades]
(By Associated Press, CNN News, Mar. 25, 2004)
* Five Planets In a Twilight Sky
(By the Editors of Sky & Telescope, Mar. 24, 2004)
'Fab Five' Make Rare Appearance in Night Sky
(By Whitney Clavin, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mar. 22, 2004)
Viewing the Five Planets: (March 20, 2004 - April 6, 2004)
(, Mar. 22, 2004)
* Five Planets Put On a Twilight Sky Show
(A Sky & Telescope Press Release, Mar. 18, 2004)
Five Planets Visible in the Sky
(Universe Today, Mar. 18, 2004)

Science Articles from the New York Times
* SCIENCE: Safely Rooted on Earth, Scientists Solve an Icy Martian Puzzle (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Mar. 30, 2004)
* ARTS: The Brain? It's A Jungle in There
[Nobel laureate Gerald M. Edelman & his robot Darwin, that demonstrates
his theory of how the brain develops according to natural selection]
(By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN, Mar. 27, 2004)
* SCIENCE: From Space, a New View of Doomsday
(By DENNIS OVERBYE, Feb. 17, 2004)

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