Wei Wu Wei (1885-1986)

Wei Wu Wei (1885-1986)

Definitions & Notes on Time (1966)

Edited by Peter Y. Chou


As long as one accepts 'time' tacitly as such
he is dreaming a dream, not living a life.

Chapter 61. Definitions

'Passing-time' implies sequential duration.
'Time' is a generic name for all forms of temporality
including the measurement of motion in space.
Duration designates the essential aspect of all
categories of temporality, mutable and immutable.
Intemporality and eternity seek to imply total absence of a time
concept, as well as the concept of infinite or circular duration.

This terminology reveals (a) the vagueness with which temporal concepts
are surrounded and (b) the fact that we are not capable of conceiving
the total absence of time. This latter applies also to space, for 'infinity'
implies unending continuity of space in a time context, as 'intemporality'
and 'eternity' imply an unending continuity of time in a space context.
It will appear that time is an interpretation of a measurement of space
that is not within the limitation of sensory perception, so that the
physical concept of space-time is justifiable also metaphysically.

Chapter 79. Notes on Time

Every action we perform must accord with the future,
withwhat is due to appear.

To know that what you are is not subject to the concept of 'time',
not just to know that it must be so but to be aware tht it is so,
constitutes liberation from all possible bondage.

We 'live' in a succession of temporal moments
of what is intemporally an eternal present.

Living 'vertically', i.e. at right-angles to the 'horizontal'-living
of sequential time, which may be seen as cutting across the latter
at every successive instant, is noumenal living as opposed to
phenomenal living, for that 'vertical' dimension represents
super-volume, relatedto volume as that is to plane-surface.

Time is seriality: Intemporality is simultaneity. Therefore
we may well be living at all points of our 'life', past and
future as well as the suppositional present, now and always.

'Now' is not a moment of passing-time,
'Now' is immutable, eternal, and so also forever in Time.

Eckhart said that the beginning of spirituality is dependent
on recognizing what one is as a being outside time.

Time, seen for what it is, undermines the 'self-nature'
or 'reality'of every single thing on Earth.

Wei Wu Wei (1895-1986),
The Tenth Man: The Great Joke Which Made Lazarus Laugh
Hong Kong University Press, 1966, pp. 123, 125, 169-173

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