Almaden Quicksilver 2010 Hike

Senador Mine Trail, New Almaden Trail,
Mine Hill, Cinnabar, & Guadalupe Trails,
San Jose, California

Photographs of Hike (Map)
Sunday, September 12, 2010

By Peter Y. Chou

Almaden Quicksilver County Park Sign

Almaden Quicksilver Map Board

Star Thistle on Senador Mine Trail

California Live Oak at Entrance

Live Oak at Entrance Gate

Tarweed on Senador Mine Trail

Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense)

Wooden Plank on New Almaden Trail

"Desolation" Hill in the Heat

Live Oak Shade on Trail

Live Oak Shade after Hot Trail

View of Wooden Bridge

Yellow Starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis)

New Almaden Trail Sign

View of Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge

Gnarly California Live Oak

Vista View of Hills

Panoramic View of Hills

Upcoming Hills on Trail

Panoramic View at Trail Junction

Star Thistle's View of Hills

Bench at Trail Junction

Mine Hill & New Almaden Sign

Y-Branch of Buckeye Tree

Y-Branch of Bay Tree

Arching Bay Tree on Trail

Blue Oak at Mine Hill Trail Bend

New Almaden Trail Sign

Turkey Buzzard Flew Overhead (Montage)

Buckeye Tree with Dead Leaves

"Sleepy Head" on Buckeye Tree Trunk

"Sleepy Head" Looking at Trident

New Almaden Trail Bend

Fruits on Buckeye Tree

More Fruits on Buckeye Tree

California Live Oak Marble Galls

More Oak Gall Balls (Andricus kollari)

View of Almaden Valley & Coyote Hills

Spacious California Live Oak

Shady Trail of Bay Trees

Winding Trunk of Bay Tree

V-Shaped Bay Tree

View Through V-Shaped Bay Tree

Six Trunks Bay Tree

View from New Almaden Trail

Gnarly California Live Oak

Nest of Leaves in V-Shaped Bay Tree

V-Shaped Bay Tree

"Eye" in Bay Tree Trunk

View of South Almaden Valley

Fuzzy Dead Tree at Bend

Curving Bonsai-like Tree

Sunlight on New Almaden Trail

Fuzzy Tree at Bend

Fuzzy Dead Tree

Switchback Trail

Switchback on New Almaden Trail

Y-Tree on Switchback Trail

Vista Downtown San Jose

Cinnabar Trail Sign

Blue Oak on Cinnabar Trail

View of San Jose on Cinnabar Trail

Mine Hill & Cinnabar Trail Sign

Y-Trunk near Trail Junction

Guadalupe Reservoir & Mt. Umunhum

Live Oak on the Hilltop

Guadalupe Reservoir & Mt. Umunhum

Guadalupe Reservoir

S-Bend by Guadalupe Trail

Guadalupe Reservoir

Guadalupe Reservoir

Roots on Switchback Trail

Guadalupe Reservoir

Guadalupe Reservoir

View from Guadalupe Dam Top

California Live Oak by Bend

Y-Tree on Guadalupe Trail

Guadalupe Reservoir

Dam View through Oak Branches

Dam View through Oak Branches

Fishing at Guadalupe Reservoir Dam

View from Guadalupe Dam Top

View of Hills from Guadalupe Dam

Guadalupe River by Picnic Table

Three Trees on Hilltop

Live Oak with Blossoms

Sunlight at Trail End

Branches in Guadalupe River

Branches in Guadalupe River

Trunk over Guadalupe River

Picnic Table by Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River Seen from Trail

Poison Oak in the Sunlight

Plants Growing on the Giant Rock

Guadalupe River

Guadalupe Trail

Live Oak at Trail Bend

Gnarly Live Oak on Trail

Rocks in Field near Sunset

Vista View on Senador Trail

Senador Trail Bend Downhill

View of Mine Furnaces

Table & Benches under Live Oak

Herreschoff Furnace Remains

Senador Mine Info Board

Senador Mine Bronze Plaque

Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)

Western Fence Lizard

Almaden Quicksilver Info Board

1924 Bridge Before Park Entrance

— Peter Y. Chou, Mountain View, September 15, 2010

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