Sunset at Rancho San Antonio
Los Altos Hills
LINC70B: Web Page Design II

Instructor: William Cavada
Foothill College KCI Krause Center
Winter Quarter: Feb. 10-March 20, 2020

By Peter Y. Chou

Boo-Qwilla Totem Pole
Stanford's Serra Mall

Preface: I'm taking William Cavada's online LINC70B: Web Page Design class at Foothill College Krause Center in the Winter Quarter (February 10-March 20, 2020). Our Final Assignment is to create a web page about a travel location in Santa Clara County. Link to a second page and tells us the top 5 things to do. Before seeing this assignment since the Safari Browser doesn't display the Assignment Pages. Google Chrome shows the Homework Assignment Pages, but it does not show my web site, where I can select photos for the project. Since Cavada has seen my web site, I wanted to do something current. Because the Stanford Theatre was showing Kurosawa movies from February 7-March 15, that's during my LINC70B class (February 10-March 20), I decided to do "Kurosawa Films 2020 at Stanford Theatre". Taking photos of the Stanford Theatre Marquees, along with photos of the window displays, posters in the lobby and the memorabilia room together with my haikus on the movies. This will convince Cavada Cavada that everything was new, done during his class schedule, that I didn't pull OLD STUFF from my web site. However, Stanford Theatre just closed showing the Kurosawa movies due to concern of the corona-19 virus (Mercury News, March 2, 2020). Now I can't complete my Kurosawa Movies Project, since need to incorporate audio & video on the page, which I have links to YouTube showings of trailers and highlights from the movies. For Cavada's assignment, on Santa Clara County photos, I have thousands of hike photos, but they're mostly from San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties. Finally, I decided on these five sites in Santa Clara— Stanford, Stanford Theatre, Chef Chu, Redwood Grove, and Rancho San Antonio.

Stanford University
Aerial View of Campus
Stanford University is a wonderful place for learning. After Professor Freccero's course on "Dante's Paradiso" (Spring 2001), I extended my library privileges to use their libraries. There are posters & flyers on campus of outstanding scholars invited to Stanford for lectures that are open to the public free of charge (Events attended). I've used the Green Library often, and pass by the Red Fountain at the front of the Library, that looks like pi=3.14, the transcendental number. It inspired the poem "What Is the Address?" (5-21-2008) with Notes on this Fountain. Another sacred site is Boo-Qwilla Totem Pole in Serra Mall, near History Corner. I've prayed to it for healing myself and friends. Enjoy your Stanford visit (Campus Tour).
Red Fountain
Stanford Green Library

Stanford Theatre Marquee
for Ikiru (2-14-2020) Music
Stanford Theatre at 221 University Ave, Palo Alto is one of two remaining theatres in the country still showing analogue (35 mm prints) instead of digital version. I've seen hundreds of old films here and like David Woodley Packard's summaries of the films in the brochures, as well as his pairing of films shown (with similar directors, actors, themes). For 50th Anniversary Celebration of Hitchcock's Vertigo, the waiting line went half way around the block. Their Christmas Eve showing of Frank Capra's A Wonderful Life is always sold out. I've composed web pages on James Stewart Film Festival (May 26-June 28, 2019) and Movies of 1939 (Nov. 5, 2019-January 5, 2020). Improved ballroom dancing watching Fred Astaire as mentor.
Stanford Theatre Marquee
for Vertigo (10-16-2008)

Chef Chu Outside
1067 N San Antonio Rd, Los Altos<
50th anniversary (1970-2020)
Chef Chu has been voted the best Chinese Restaurant every year by readers of Palo Alto Weekly and Mountain View Voice. Also ranked by CNN among nation's best Chinese restaurants (Mercury News, July 28, 2017). On their wall are framed photos of world leaders (Presidents H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, Benazir Bhutto) andcelebrities (John F. Kennedy, Jr., Steve Young, Serena Williams, Jeremy Lin, Justin Bieber), who dined there (Eater, 11-14-2018). His two-story, 250-seat restaurant is always crowded, so reservations are recommended. My favorite dish there is Hong Kong Crispy Angel Hair Noodles with Shrimp, Scallop, and Vegetables. Good place to eat.
Chef Chu Inside
1067 N San Antonio Rd, Los Altos

Redwood Grove
482 University Ave, Los Altos
Redwood Grove Nature Preserve at 482 University Avenue in Los Altos is an oasis in town. When I took "Journal Writing" with Nina Holzer at Foothill College, she took the class here in 1990. I was surprised to find these majestic coast redwoods so close by. Came here on June 25, 2010 and took 35 photos of a walk with haikus. More recent trip here was on May 22, 2017, when my former WPI student, now an architecture professor at UNLV came for a visit. We entered the Redwood Grove by way of Shoup Park (400 University Ave). There is a flowing Adobe Creek on the trail, with benches around to relax and meditate on the serene surroundings. There is Archway Trees on the trail that you need to duck and crawl under for passage.
Redwood Grove
482 University Ave, Los Altos

Phoebe Garden
Rancho San Antonio (Video 1)
Rancho San Antonio is located at 22500 Cristo Rey Drive, Los Altos Hills. It has 1348 visitors daily, exceeding total of next three Open Preserves— Fremont Older (522), St. Joseph's Hill (422), and Windy Hill (341). On 8-27-2011, hiked on the Coyote Trail & Lower Meadow Trail. Stopped by Deer Hollow Farm's Phoebe's Garden, to sniff peppermint and spearmint leaves. On 12-6-2013, Thomas McCarthy took the Foothill College Day Hike Class (PHED-23B) here. We spent a half-hour at Deer Hollow Farm (2:14-2:44 pm) taking photos of chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, sheeps, and a Jersey cow named Luna. We encountered quails, a bluejay, & two deers
on the trails. Took 124 photos of the hike. Good to hike here.

Deer near Live Oak
Rancho San Antonio (Video 2)

Another Place to Visit: Nikko, Japan

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