Photos: Water in Lake Lagunita

Photographs at Lake Lagunita
Stanford University, April 1, 2011

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Friday, April 1, 2011, a friend and I walked to Lake Lagunita on the Stanford campus (6:35-7:15 pm). The heavy rain from previous days filled the lake with water. A rare sight! We walked half way around the lake and turned back when the path got too muddy. There were lots of ducks swimming and flying around the lake. A white egret stood tall by the lake and a great blue heron approached it. Are they going to perform a whooping crane courtship dance? The egret bent low with the blue heron's approach and both became immobile. A father and daughter carrying pails and nets were hunting for frogs. When I told them about the egret and blue heron not dancing, he dropped his pail, and showed his daughter the whooping crane dance, moving his arms slowly and gracefully. Forgot to snap a photo of him doing it. Besides the birds, there were some beautiful swirling clouds over the lake and a lovely sunset.

Ram Cloud above History Corner

Ram Cloud over History Corner

Clouds over Bing Wing Library

Surprise— Water in Lake Lagunita

Water in Lake Lagunita

Stanford Dish in the Distance

Ducks in Lake Lagunita

Cirrus Clouds over Lake Lagunita

Cirrus Clouds over Lake Lagunita

Hoover Tower Seen from the Lake

White Egret by Lake Lagunita

Great Blue Heron by Lake Lagunita

Great Blue Heron & White Egret

Swirling Clouds Dancing

Sunset over Lake Lagunita

— Photograph by Peter Y. Chou, April 1, 2011

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