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— Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), The Hero as a Man of Letters
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Jay Goltz, Street Smart Entrepreneur: 133 Tough Lessons I Learned the Hard Way Jay Goltz, The Street Smart Entrepreneur: 133 Tough Lessons I Learned the Hard Way (1998), Addicus Books, ISBN: 188603933X — Starting with only $2000 and a gritty determination to succeed, Jay Goltz built his business the hard way... from the ground up. Early on, he learned that there was no such thing as “boss school.” No one could be at his side to teach him how to build a business. He made mistakes, but he also made a lot of right decisions. Today, Goltz operates a ten million dollar business— the largest custom framing facility in the world. In The Street-Smart Entrepreneur, Goltz shares two decades of hard-learned lessons. No waxing philosophical here. Goltz tells it like it is, and delivers a “hands-on“ approach to winning in business. This book is well organized in 133 one-page lessons summarizing the author's experience on business growth, cash flow, customer service, smart marketing, and much more. It is inspired reading for entrepreneurs starting a new enterprise or those running a successful business. Avg. Review (7): 4.5 stars
Dan S. Kennedy, How to Make Millions With Your Ideas: 
An Entrepreneur's Guide Dan S. Kennedy, How to Make Millions With Your Ideas: An Entrepreneur's Guide (1996), Plume, ISBN: 0452273161— If you have a brilliant idea for a brand-new product or service, Dan Kennedy's book has all the answers that could make you rich. It is packed with the true stories and proven advice of ordinary people who began with just an idea, a simple product, or a fledgling business and wound up with millions. The book examines the methods and principles of dozens of successful entrepreneurs, including the author's surefire, easy-to-follow Millionaire Maker Strategies. It helps you determine which of the three paths to success are best for you and guides you step-by-step down that path on your way to fortune. You'll discover: 8 ways to make a fortune from scratch; turn a hobby into a million-dollar enterprise; use electronic media to make you rich; use publicity & promotion to produce million-dollar business breakthroughs. Kennedy shows you how to use Aristotle Onassis's biggest business secret: “The Million Dollar Rolodex” of contacts and information to get you on the road to wealth. Avg. Review (3): 4.5 stars
Dan S. Kennedy, How to Succeed in Business by Breaking All the Rules: A Plan for Entrepreneurs (1997), Dutton; ISBN: 0525941983 Avg. Review (4): 5 stars
Mark Peterson, Complete Entrepreneur Mark A. Peterson, The Complete Entrepreneur: The Only Book You'll Ever Need to Manage Risk and Build Your Business Wealth (1996), Barrons Educational Series, ISBN: 0812097165— If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, then this is the book for you. The Complete Entrepreneur is well organized and filled with practical advice, not just success stories but examples of failures that will minimize mistakes for the budding entrepreneur. Topics covered include: Personality traits that most often coincide with success; How to assess business & financial risks; How to work with banks and use them to your advantage; How to identify new opportunities that others are missing; How to assess the pros and cons of a partnership; How to develop good enough employee and customer relationships; How to manage risks and know when to accept losses; How to cope with business records, taxes, regulations and much more. Here's a book that provides priceless information on how to build business wealth by being an entrepreneur. Avg. Review (13): 4.5 stars
John B. Vinturella, Entrepreneur's Fieldbook John B. Vinturella, The Entrepreneur's Fieldbook (1999), Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0130812196— This book combines theory, hands-on activities and the experience of a proven entrepreneur. With its questioning style, high-quality enrichment materials, and real-life experiences, readers will learn through the use of chapter objectives, exercises, case studies, checkpoints, chapter summaries, and review questions. The book covers: Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Issues; Sources of Venture Ideas: Entrepreneurship on the Internet; Market Research and Analysis; Refining the Venture Idea: Testing "Fit" and Feasibility; Startup Alternatives: Home-Based, Franchises, and Existing Businesses; Financing the Venture; and Post-Start-up Challenges. Two complete business plans and a detailed business plan template are included. Other features include: Checkpoint profiles of entrepreneurs, Coffee Shop Example, Voice of Experience, Homework Exercise, Idea & Suggestion, and Definitions of key terms. This is a practical guide for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Avg. Review (2): 5 stars
David H. Bangs, Linda Pinson, Real World Entrepreneur 
Field Guide: Growing Your Own Business David H. Bangs, Jr. & Linda Pinson, The Real World Entrepreneur Field Guide: Growing Your Own Business (1999), Upstart Publishing, ISBN: 1574101137— Bestselling small business gurus, Bangs and Pinson, share the best of their proven, award-winning advice for entrepreneurs to get a business up and running, create a strategic plan for growth, manage daily operations, and use technology to leverage scarce resources. Includes worksheets, action plans, and online resources. You'll learn how to: write a bankable business plan, target customers and keep them coming back, develop a strategy that beats the competition, create a web presence, avoid legal hassles, find top employees, and plan for growth. This practical guide has 51 personal workshops to test your skills. There are 26 in-depth case studies to explore real-world problems & solutions. You'll find 14 pages of annotated URL links to a virtually limitless network of current Web information. This is a resourceful book— rich in ideas and replete with information that will make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Avg. Review (1): 5 stars
Ron Lieber, Upstart Start-Ups! Enterpreneurs Ron Lieber, Upstart Start-Ups!: How 34 Young Enterpreneurs Overcame Youth, Inexperience, and Lack of Money to Create Thriving Businesses (1998), Broadway Books; ISBN: 076790088X— Fortune magazine's Ron Lieber shows that you can actually turn your youth, inexperience, and lack of money to your advantage. Capitalize on your assets to trump the corporate system, be your own boss, and turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality. Based on interviews with more than thirty young, independent entrepreneurs who have developed some of today's hottest and even revolutionary companies and products, Lieber provides essential tips and information that will enable you to get your own Nantucket Nectars or Magnetic Poetry off the ground. You'll learn how to: generate your first “brainstorm” and how to act on a good idea; develop a realistic business plan; get the financial backing you need; establish credibility for your business or product with consumers; and apply successful models to your own vision. Avg. Review (16): 4.5 stars
William Stolze, Start Up: An Entrepreneur's Guide William J. Stolze, Start Up: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching and Managing a New Business 4th Ed., (1996), Career Press, ISBN: 1564142523— Here is a hands-on book about entrepreneurship— how to start a new business & improve the chances of success. If you have the necessary entrepreneurial qualities, are willing to work hard, and have the support of your family, then you must decide what business to start, how to improve the chances of success, and how to make your business grow. Start Upis written in short easily understandable chapters and includes example after example to help you analyze your personal situation. In four editions over 70,000 copies have been sold and it is used either as a text or in small businessm programs in over 50 colleges and universities. The author is a successful entrepreneur who started a long range radio communications business that grew to over 800 employees in 8 years. They were listed on AMEX, had about 4,000 shareholders and had sold equipment in over 100 countries. After merging with Harris Corp., he taught entrepreneurship and new venture management for many years in the MBA program at the University of Rochester, counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs on starting a business and raising venture capital. Avg. Review (2): 5 stars
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