LINC-90C: Module 4c
Creating inside Padlet

Instructor: Kim Randall

March 27, 2021

By Peter Y. Chou

Module 4c Assignment—
Create your own padlet and share it with me. Need to do:
• Create an account at (Links to an external site.)
• Click in the upper left-hand corner "make a new padlet"
(If you already have 3 padlets you might need to delete one or
use a different email account and make a second Padlet account).
• Customize your Padlet
1) Title it "Your Last Name Winter21 Linc90C"
2) Description: Add in here what you would like people to post on your padlet.
This might be a discussion question or a brainstorming idea.
3) Change the icon if you'd like
4) Customize your link (see screencast below) if you want to
5) Adjust the posting settings (see screencast below for more info)
• Click Next at the top and it will take you to your padlet.

Assignment Submission:
Please submit the link to your padlet in the Canvas assignment submission.
• Please make your padlet public so I can make sure I can see it.
• Copy the link to your padlet and paste the link into the assignment submission.
• Submit the assignment.


Doing this Assignment "Module 4c" inside Padlet

1) Creating inside Padlet
After seeing instructor Kim Randall's 5-minutes video
"How to Make a Padlet", followed her footsteps—
Title: Chou Winter21 Linc90C
Description: Wisdom Mudra for Enlightenment
Icon: Chin Mudra "Thumb touching forefinger"
Wallpaper: Gradient (top right)
Font: Serif (4th from left)
New Post Position: Last
Comments: Yes
Reactions: Star (1-5)

2) Selected Grid Template in Padlet
There are 8 templates in Padlet to choose— Wall, Canvas, Stream, Grid, Shelf, Backchannel, Map, and Timeline. I selected "Grid"— Arrange content in rows of boxes. Dragged 4 images for the first row— 1980 WPI Seminar on Wisdom Mudra, Albert Einstein in Wisdom Mudra pose at 1911 Solvay Physics Conference, Buddha in Chin
Mudra (thumb touches forefinger) when in meditation, Christ in
Shuni Mudra (thumb touches middle finger). No room for texts
to accompany images, except for brief title.

3) Second Row of Grid in Padlet

Here are the great scientists in the Wisdom Mudra pose— Copernicus holding a flower, Galileo with compass, Newton holding a prism to produce rainbow of colors, James Clerk Maxwell holding a pen.

4) Third Row of Grid in Padlet

Could not fit Einstein in the second row with the great scientists, so he's in the third row with Albrecht Dürer, greatest German artist during the Renaissance, and Beethoven, greatest composer of all time. Beethoven when composing or conducting has his fingers in the Wisdom Mudra pose.

5) Fourth Row of Grid in Padlet

The last row shows poet e.e.cummings, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, modern dancer Martha Graham, Indian Kathak Classic dancer, all in the Wisdom Mudra pose. Poems of E.E. Cummings uplift us to the cosmic dimension, such as his Poem XLVI in 1x1 (1944)— "open your heart: / i'll give you a treasure /
of tiniest world / a piece of forever..."

6) Complete Padlet: Wisdom Mudra for Enlightenment

Took two screen shots of "TopHalf-Padlet" and "BottomHalf-Padlet". Assembled
them into above image of Padlet-WisdomMudra(528x1124).jpg. Since I don't know
how to type texts into Padlet, the web page done in HTML will provide readers
more information on the Wisdom Mudra. Practicing this gesture in the manner
of Buddha, Christ, and the greatest scientists & artists will lead them to more
creativity, peace, and enlightenment.

7) Fifth Row of Grid in Padlet

Had trouble finding place to type text in Padlet's "Grid template". Used their tiny
"Title boxes" to type in the above four texts— e.e. cummings poem "a piece of
forever", Einstein's wisdom mudra at Solvay Conferences and everywhere else,
mudra as a peaceful gesture, practice wisdom mudra will lead to more creativity,
peace, and enlightenment. They will connect with 16 images posted in Padlet.

8) Kim Randall's Video on "How to Submit a Padlet"
Viewed Kim's 5:00-minutes video "Making a Padlet" to do the above assignment.
She has a 2:08-minutes video "How to Submit a Padlet" for our LINC-90C class.
Go to Share. Change Privacy from "Secret" to "Public". Readers can write & post
to Padlet. Copy Link to clipboard. Submit work in Canvas with URL:

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