Photos: Sunset Clouds at Lake Lagunita

Photographs at Lake Lagunita
Stanford University, October 6, 2010

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Wednesday, October 6, 2010, a friend and I walked to Lake Lagunita on the Stanford campus (5:35-6:58 pm). She was looking for a duck feather for her sculpture and hoping to see the jack rabbit again. Since our last sighting of the hare near the California Live Oak by 636 Lomita Court (8-20-2010), most of the weeds have been cleared from the Lake. We surmised that the noisy tractor that cut down the weeds may have scared the Lake Lagunita Hare to find a different burrow. We didn't find any duck feathers in the dried lake bed nor sighted a jack rabbit. However there were beautiful sunset clouds greeting us that made the walk around the lake worthwhile.

Clouds, Lake Lagunita Parking Lot, 5:35 pm

Clouds, Lake Lagunita Parking Lot

View at Lake Lagunita Entrance

Clouds over Lake Lagunita

Dark Clouds over the Lake

Airplane, Clouds, Trees

"Monster Head" Cloud over the Lake

"Crocodile" Cloud over the Lake

"Sheep Head" Rock in the Lake

Lamppost by California Live Oak

Old Sign on California Live Oak

Geese Flew Over This Live Oak

Lamppost View of Lake

Y-Shaped Live Oak, Elliot Center

Live Oak near Golf Course

White Oak near Golf Course

Hoover Tower Seen from the Lake

Gnarly Live Oak near Golf Course

Swing on White Oak near Golf Course

Sunset Clouds near White Oak

New Rabbit Hole for Hare? (Hole 2)

Sunset Clouds near White Oak

Hoover Tower Seen from the Lake

"Yellow Feather" Cloud, 6:48 pm

Lake Lagunita after Sunset, 6:57 pm

— Peter Y. Chou, Mountain View, October 8, 2010

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