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Jaclyn Easton, Striking It Rich.com Jaclyn Easton, Striking It Rich.com: Profiles of 23 Incredibly Successful Websites You've Probably Never Heard Of (1998), McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 007018724X— This is an entrepreneur's tour of 23 little-known but booming cyber-storefronts, with a welcome focus on smaller businesses trying to establish a big presence on the Web. StrikingItRich.com is not about the well-known giants, but something far more unusual and useful: 23 sites that have learned to do almost everything right. Each one has practical and fresh ideas to share— insider information that will nourish your e-commerce ambitions whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 executive. Every type of web-based enterprise is featured, including information sites that rely on advertising revenue; subscription sites; online retailing to consumers; business-to-business sales; as well as sites with substantial international traffic. You'll also read about people who put their catalog or store on the Web and by doing so have added hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to their bottom line. What is common to all is that they were started by ordinary folks with big dreams and modest budgets. Easton delved deep inside these 23 entrepreneurial minds to get answers to all your questions, candidly revealing exactly what works ... and what doesn't. Avg. Review (46): 4 stars
Rick E. Bruner, Net Results: Web Marketing that Works Rick E. Bruner, Net Results: Web Marketing that Works (1998), Hayden Books, ISBN: 1568304145Net Results: Web Marketing That Works reveals the successful strategies and tactics that the leading online development firm USWeb has used to create winning marketing campaigns for prominent clients (AOL, Avon, Bristol Myers Squibb, Macromedia, REI, Time Inc., and Women's Wire). Rich in expert advice and real-world case studies, this unique book shows how businesses large and small can work to maximize their Internet site's return on investment, develop domain branding, optimize site design, build internet communities, and generate online publicity. Linda McCutcheon (President, Time Inc. New Media) writes: “Net Results is the essential manual when you're ready to turn your Web site into a revenue-generating part of your business.” Avg. Review (16): 4.5 stars
Christina Ford Haylock, Len Muscarella, 
Net Success: 24 Leaders in Web Commerce Show You How to Put the Web to Work for Your Business Christina Ford Haylock & Len Muscarella, Net Success: 24 Leaders in Web Commerce Show You How to Put the Web to Work for Your Business (1999), Adams Media Corporation, ISBN: 1580621147: Net Success reveals what really works-and what doesn't on the Web. Twenty-four of the most successful leaders in Internet commerce offer the inside story on: Important social trends that will drive the phenomenal growth of E-commerce; How key players in online commerce have been so successful; Online business models that work from financial services to publishing to the travel industry; New ideas in online advertising, direct marketing, and public relations. How to use the Web to maximize efficiency and communication inside your company. The authors share the wisdom and experience of some of the most successful Internet pioneers— the experts who made the Web work for business despite intense competition, volatile markets, and constantly changing technology. Lisa S-C Simpson (President, Sony Online Entertainment) writes: “An excellent primer for those attempting to do a business on the Internet. The first book to look at all of the vectors that determine net success.” Avg. Review (4): 5 stars
Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson, 
E-Business: Roadmap for Success Ravi Kalakota & Marcia Robinson, E-Business: Roadmap for Success (1999), Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0201604809: Tomorrow's business winners have re-architected themselves to leverage e-business technologies, processes, and culture— and to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. This "Roadmap for Success" shows how to break through and make a real change, placing technology at the heart of business strategy. Describing efforts undertaken by successful e-businesses such as Charles Schwab, which adopted a system that provides sales reps with real-time access to information on customers and appropriate new products, the two chart the course that trailblazing companies are following and savvy business people would be wise to emulate. Avg. Review (26): 4.5 stars
Thomas M. Siebel, Cyber Rules: 
Strategies for Excelling at E-Business Thomas M. Siebel, Cyber Rules: Strategies for Excelling at E-Business (1999), Doubleday, ISBN: 0385494122— The founder and CEO of the billion-dollar information technologies firm, Siebel Systems, shares his wisdom and strategies for companies large and small on using the Internet to expand their business. He summarizes the dramatic history of the Web's "first generation," explains six critical rules now governing electronic commerce, and provides expert detailed advice for implementing a digital strategy. Whether you're still eyeing the E-business frontier or are already reaping its rewards, this book will give you a distinctively insider's perspective on this radical new market space. But being online— and making it profitable— means much more than throwing up a Web site. It means being alert to the experiences of E-business pioneers, and being ready to apply their hard-won lessons to your own sales and marketing channels. Cyber Rules is designed to help you do that. Avg. Review (5): 3 stars
Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass, How to Advertise Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass, How to Advertise, 2nd Ed., (1997), St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 0312171080— With over 100,000 copies sold in the U.S., How to Advertise has been an industry guidebookfor the last 20 years. Kenneth Roman is the former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and Jane Maas is chairman of Earle Palmer Brown/NY. Together they have reevaluated the industry and produced the most comprehensive advertising tool for advertisers and agencies. A complete practical guide to what works, what doesn't— and why. Principles of effective TV, print, radio and out-of-home advertising, strategies that build brands, media tactics that make budgets work harder, money-saving tips on TV and print production, and what it takes to succeed in advertising. You'll find 16 pages of color photos showcasing case histories of campaigns such as Absolut, American Express, Diet Pepsi, Duracell, Ford, Nike, and Ralph Lauren. David Ogilvy's sagely comment on this book: “Worth its weight in gold.” 5 stars
Joe Marconi, 
Complete Guide to Publicity Joe Marconi, The Complete Guide to Publicity: Maximize Visibility for Your Product, Service, or Organization (1999), NTC Business Books, ISBN: 0844200913— Written in a highly engaging, conversational style, Joe Marconi covers all aspects of planning and executing a successful publicity campaign. You'll learn the key tools of the trade, understand the media in staging events, speeches, benefits, and photo opportunities. Joe Marconi demystifies “publicity” by revealing how it is done, what it costs, and how to devise and manage an effective publicity program. Completely up to date, the book includes strategies on using email and websites as part of your publicity arsenal. You'll find real-life examples, actual press releases, media clips, and more. This is the ultimate handbook for effectively generating the maximum amount of good publicity for your product, service, or organization. Avg. Review (1): 5 stars
Mary Maloney Cronin, Suzanne Caplan, 
Everyone Remembers the Elephant in the Pink Tutu: 
How to Promote and Publicize Your Business With Impact and Style Mary Maloney Cronin & Suzanne Caplan, Everyone Remembers the Elephant in the Pink Tutu: How to Promote and Publicize Your Business With Impact and Style (1998), Career Press, ISBN: 1564143600— This book is for business owners who believe that their company is not interesting enough, or that they don't have the time, money, or knowledge to mount an effective publicity campaign. All you need to get your company publicized is a little creativity, motivation, and an elephant in a pink tutu— a unique identity consistent with why your customers deal with you. Written in an engaging, lively tone, the authors provide readers with step-by-step information that will motivate them to get started promoting their business— and stick to it without spending a fortune. There are seven helpful appendices: sample publicity plan, press releases, media kit, public relations directory, photo guidelines, recommended books & Internet sites, and glossary of PR terms. An idea well-positioned and well-executed: This is what great PR is all about. And this book shows you how to take your ordinary event, product or service into an attention-getter. Avg. Review (2): 5 stars
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