Upper Windy Hill Open Space Preserve
San Mateo County, California

Razorback Ridge Trail
and Lost Trail Hike

Sunday, September 4, 2011

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Sunday September 4, 2011, my friend took me hiking. Going on Old La Honda Road, we stopped at Thornewood Open Space Preserve in Woodside for 15 minutes. Our last visit here was on September 1, 2008. Since then, they've made the ravine crossing less hazardous. Next we went to Upper Windy Hill Open Space Preserve where I've not visited before. Hiked at Lower Windy Hill on July 4, 1999 and on August 24, 2008. We entered Razorback Ridge Trail at Gate WH03 at 3:50 pm and concluded our hike at 5:40 pm. Although there were no towering Redwoods and few Douglas Firs on the trails, the Bay Trees were plentiful and the surroundings were filled with lushness. We also meandered in the Lost Trail and came across two trees making a "X". Could a pirate like Blackbeard or Captain Kidd use this "X marks the spot" to bury his gold treasures here in the Lost Trail instead of on some desert island?

Lower Thornewood Entrance

Rocks & Fallen Trunk

Tall Trees near Entrance

Yellow Leaf Trees

Dennis Martin Creek

Rocks in Ravine

Sun Relection & Rocks

Vista of Hills from Car

Vista View at Upper Windy Hill

Twisted Bay Trees at Upper Windy Hill

Tall Redwood at Thornewood

Upper Windy Hill Sign

Trailhead at Windy Hill

Tree with Right-Angle Branches

Lush Leaves at Upper Windy Hill

View of Trail Below Bent Bay Trees

Scattered Bay Leaves at Trail Bend

Leaning Tower Bay Trees

Twisting Bay Tree

Razorback Ridge Trail

"Silhouette" Bay Tree

"Sister" Bay Trees

Airy Bay Tree

Wall of Blackberry Leaves

Giant Diagonal Fallen Log

Family of Bay Trees

Goblet of Trees

Leaning Bay Trees

Pretty Bay Tree

Bay Tree Bathed in Light

Bent Bay Tree

Signpost to Lost Trail

Right-Angle Trail Bend

Tree Arch on Trail

Asymmetric Tree

Tree with Parallel Branches

Shelf Mushrooms

"Samurai Swords" Tree

Water Trough for Horses

"X Marks the Spot" on Lost Trail

Tree with Right-Angle Branch

Two "Y-Trees"

Leaves Surrounding Tree Rings

Giant Shelf Mushrooms

Leaning Bay Tree

Ripples in Water Trough

Razorback Trail Signpost

Thicket of Trees

Diagonal Fallen Log

White Thistle & Leaves

Bay Tree to the Sky

Curving Bend on Trail

Ferns on the Trail

Fragile Flower Plant

Crescent Ring in Trunk

Green Leaf Plants

Green Floral Leaves

Tiny White Flowers

Six-Petalled Leaves

Patch of Green Leaves

White Flowers in Green

Old Miners Lettuce

Six-Petalled Starry Leaf Plants

Thistles & Stinging Nettles

"Sister" Bay Trees

Flowers & Ferns

Horseshoe Bend on Trail

Roots of Tree

Elegant Bay Tree

Horseshoe Bend on Trail

Roots of Tree

Trail Below Bay Trees

Y-Shaped Bay Tree

Fence-Like Tree

Vista View of Salt Flats

Razorback Ridge Signpost

Skyline Boulevard from Car

Horses on Altramont Road

Horse on Altramont Road

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, September 4, 2011

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